SUMMARY: lstat(2V) missing on SunOS 4.x?

From: Igor Schein (
Date: Thu Jun 11 1998 - 09:39:43 CDT

Original question:

> Hi, I found a weird thing: I read man
> pages for lstat, and it requires <sys/stat.h>
> to be #include'ed. But, in <sys/stat.h>
> only stat() and fstat() are declared, lstat()
> is missing. I grep'ed all include files in
> /usr/include but to no avail. I also browsed
> sunsolve, and didn't find anything relevant?
> Any1 have an idea?
> Thanks a lot, will summarize.
> Igor

Thanks to the following people, who pointed out that SunOS
cc, being a Kernighan-Richie rather than ANSI compiler, missing
some includes. So in my case, it was enough to declare
lstat() as external in my program, since lstat is defined
in libc:

Brion Leary
Ross Poffenberg
Randall Winchester

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