SUMMARY (alpha version): Netmanage Chameleon NT 6.0

From: Ackerson, Greg (
Date: Tue Jun 09 1998 - 14:00:30 CDT

My problem:
We have a couple NT boxes where NFS-mounting Solaris directories via
Netmanage Chameleon 6.0 works fine, but for this third box, it always
for a password and always claims the password is wrong. All three machines
are configured the same (as far as I can see): The NFS Config says the
Username is nobody and the authenticator is the Solaris box. I've tried it
with the Solaris username, tried "Connect As... <username>" in
Explorer--always rejected. [snip!]

Some responses pointed out that Service Pack 3 (which has been going around
like a virus, breaking various installs) requires encrypted passwords unless
you edit the registry thusly:

I intend to try this, but w/o NT admin privilege it'll be a while before I
can (hence the summary's alpha version).

Thanks to Charlie Mengler, Grant Lowe, and Michael Kriss.

Michael J. Connolly offered these suggestions:

There are a variety of bugs in the version of Netmanage that you have.
I would recommend moving to Unixlink 97 from Netmanage or dump it and get
TotalNet Server from Syntax. It makes your Sun server appear as an NT box
to the NT world. As far as your existing problem try:

1. Wait until the NT box is fully booted with no disk activity before the
user logs on. You will notice that even though you get the ctrl-alt-del
login pop-up that there is still a lot going on on the machine. WAIT until
the hard drive light settles down a bit - this was the fix recommended
by Netmanage Tech support and it seemed to help us.

2. Create a Unix user account on the authentication machine AND the machine
that is acting as a server (if different) for each Netmanage user. User
nobody really can't do much anyway and it doesn't sound like you have a
lot of people connecting to the Solaris box.

3. You might also try lowering the value of the NFS read/write buffers
in Netmanage.
Final summary to go out once I get to the bottom of this. Thanks for the
P.S. The user in question does have an account on the Solaris box.

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