SUMMARY: Any worries going 2.5.1 to 2.6?

From: Chris Marble (
Date: Fri Jun 05 1998 - 15:31:59 CDT

Original question paraphrased:

  I've got an Ultra 2 running 2.5.1 that I'm going to update to 2.6
  Everything I've got is quite ordinary except for a couple of things.
  Theres a Sun ATM-155 card with a dozen ELANs and a set of 4 9Gb disks
  set up as a mirrorred 18Gb user disk with Online DiskSuite 4.0.
  Any cautions?

2 people responded that I have to update to Solaris DiskSuite 4.1 before
I go to Solaris 2.6. The 4.0 version I'm running isn't compatable with 2.6
but the 4.1 version is compatable with 2.5.1.
I've only got 8Gb of data on the SDS-controlled disks so I'll backup,
uninstall SDS 4.0, install SDS 4.1, set up the RAID again and restore.

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