SUMMARY: tar command error!

From: Ching Huat Yeo (
Date: Fri Jun 05 1998 - 17:42:54 CDT

The original question:

I got a read/write error when trying to tar a directory into a file,
whenever the file size exceeded 2GB. So i asked a question whether it is
because of the limitation of UFS size or the tar command error!

The solution: (from Clive McAdam and many others..)

Solaris 2.5 max 2GB
Solaris 2.6 max 2TB
Solaris 2.7 unlimited

Thanks a lot to everyone who replied.
The lists to thanks: Adrian Cole, RavI, Clive McAdam, Stefan Voss, Graham
Carpenter, Steve Kay, Bruce Cheng..

For those who did not give me the answer i want, thanks too!!


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