SUMMARY(?): dtpad, HP, and Solaris

From: Bill Benedetto (
Date: Fri Jun 05 1998 - 06:45:32 CDT

Thank you for all of the replies.

There was no definitive answer and this remains a problem for

1 person said that they saw the same problem and if I found the
answer I should tell them.

2 people said that they have the same setup and no problems.

1 person asked if it was dtpad only or did it affect other
programs. I checked and dtcalc and dtterm caused the same

Everyone suggested checking patch levels both on the HP and the
Sun. The ones who said that they had no problems showed me their
patchlists and I tried some different patches to no avail (yet! :-).

1 person suggested looking at HP's website as "... I know that HP
has a document dealing with HP<->Sun interoperability..." but I
could find nothing like this on their website.

We already had a call open with Sun but they said it ain't their
problem and that we needed more documentation (IE, testing) to
prove that it isn't just Sun->HP. I think we've proved that as
no other platform-combination does this.

For now I guess I will open a call with HP and see if they can do
anything for me.

Thanks again for the replies. When/if I get a solution I will
post that.

My original question:

> Good day.
> I have this unusual problem running dtpad on an HPUX system
> (10.20, obviously) and having it DISPLAY back to a Solaris
> system.
> Here is the scenario:
> A user is in CDE on a Solaris system.
> He then rlogin's to his own account (NFS-mounted) on an HPUX
> 10.20 system.
> He sets his DISPLAY back to the Solaris box.
> He fires up /usr/dt/bin/dtpad on the HP.
> CDE on the Solaris box crashes and burns and the user is kicked
> out to the gui login prompt.
> This happens to any and all users that try this.
> This happens both in Solaris 2.5.1 and Solaris 2.6.
> This only happens as I explained above. If, instead, the user
> starts on an HP and runs dtpad on the Solaris system DISPLAYing
> back to the HP, it works fine.
> This works fine on all other CDE combinations we try:
> HP DISPLAYing dtpad on AIX
> SUN DISPLAYing dtpad on AIX
> AIX DISPLAYing dtpad on HP
> AIX DISPLAYing dtpad on SUN
> SUN DISPLAYing dtpad on HP
> The ONLY combination that crashes CDE is:
> HP DISPLAYing dtpad on SUN
> I am not sure where the problem lies. Do I need to patch my
> Solaris boxes? Do I need to patch my HP boxes?
> Any suggestions/ideas/guidance welcome.
> Thanks,

- Bill
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