SUMMARY: Reading PROM Version

From: Glover, Craig G. (
Date: Thu Jun 04 1998 - 12:46:00 CDT

Thanks to one and all who responded (too many to list).

Original Question:
>I need to read the PROM version on some of our production systems that are
>running Solaris 2.4.
>I am preparing our systems for year 2000 and there are PROM upgrades
>necessary for compatibility. I want to read the PROM version without
>shutting the system down. The systems are Sparc Server 1000 and 2000.

The winner is:
I had to load patch 102555-01 on my 2.4 systems then build sysinfo version
3.4 that I downloaded from

Other suggestions:
prtconf -V
This works on Solaris 2.5.1 and 2.6.

<STOP> <A>
I couldn't halt the systems as they are in 24 hour production mode.

prtdiag -v
I may be mistaken, but I didn't see the Prom version in the output.

Craig Glover

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