SUMMARY : Solaris 2.6, HP LaserJet 5 Si, JetAdmin, default font

From: Greg Sawicki (
Date: Wed Jun 03 1998 - 20:19:08 CDT

Sorry for delayed SUMMARY. I have waited for some more responses.
Subject: Solaris 2.6, HP LaserJet 5 Si, JetAdmin, default font

original question:

Subject says the config I have. The printer with JetDirect and own IP
address is configured from JetAdmin utility. When executing:
lp filename
it prints with default font type and size and does truncate long lines
(instead wrapping them around).

1. Where and how can I configure it to print using different font
(type/size) ?

2. Can I make lp to process the request so it would wrap long lines
around ?


1. From Chris Marble:
Our solution was to install enscript/nenscript. That program converts
everything to PostScript and can use any font, wrap lines, add headers
or anything you want. It's available from the usual gnu sites

My comment: I ran Y2K cert lab. I can't use any non commercial, non
certified (y2k) component. Under other circumstance I would definitely give
it a try.

2. From Brion Leary:
I assume you have JetAdmin for Solaris load'd on your server.
What follows is from Solaris 2.5.1 and JetAdmin d.03.15.

See the man page for net_lj5x, it explains the options supprted
by HP's driver - paper source, orientation, font, etc, are

If the HP man pages aren't in your MANPATH, the following will work

  man -M /opt/hpnp/man net_lj5x

The man page is not real clear but if you work at it you'll
figure it out. Use the PCL apendixes of your LaserJet manuals
for help.

An example: to print 132 columns, 66 lines, landscape, the
command is -

  lp -dPrinter -olandscape -ofs -ofp12.6 -ovsi5.7 -otl66 FileToPrint

My comment: Nothing more, nothing else. It is a shame. I did my RTFM and
all and I got discouraged after some options failed on me.

Thanks Chris and Brion.


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