SUMMARY: Disaster Recovery

From: Seth Rothenberg (
Date: Tue Jun 02 1998 - 10:02:24 CDT

Thanks for the many replies.
Most confirmed my concern.
With this information, I advised management
that we will need to keep the cold site
up-to-date. It may affect whether we order
a replica of our current or future hardware.

Chris O'Neal suggested we try to get a
"warm site" where we regularly save
copies of all the data. I actually asked for
this. Just because we can't buy an extra
mainframe does not mean we can't buy an extra
Sun and keep it in our old data center.


Thanks to
"Dwight Peters" <>
Martin D. Baldenegro <>
Chris Liljenstolpe <>
Jenson Luk <>
Damir Delija <>
"Ackerson, Greg" <>
"O'Neal,Chris" <>

Original Question:
>>>I wonder if anyone has experience setting up a
>>>cold site? We are in the process of specifying
>>>what Sun equipment will be needed.
>>>It seems to me that we would NOT be able to
>>>expect our latest backup tape to load and run
>>>on a very different machine....

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