SUMMARY: at: can't create a job for you

From: Yuan Lu (
Date: Fri May 29 1998 - 15:41:39 CDT

I got three replies for my question, with total of four suggestions:

1. look at at.allow and at.deny files in /usr/lib/cron directory
2. look if cron daemon is running
3. look at cron log file /var/cron/log to see any error message
4. try if another user can submit a job.

Unfortunately none of the answers helped me. There are no error
messages in the cron log file; there are no problems with at.allow
and at.deny setup; the cron daemon was running since the system
was last rebooted about a month again; and another job (with the same
user ID) had submitted another batch job 10 minutes later!

We have been running these batch jobs for a few years. We rarely
saw this kind of message. When we saw this message, only one or two
jobs got affected, the other batch jobs still can submit batch jobs

So I almost believe there are some kinds of bugs in at or cron. Can
anyone give me more suggestions? This problem has haunted me for a
long time. Please help.

My thanks go to:

    Dennis Martens <>
    "Rodney C. Marable" <>
    Stefan Voss <>

> Hello,
> We have a SPARC10 with OS 2.5.1 running about 20 batch jobs. At any time
> only one batch job is running. This job will queue itself for next run after
> finishing processing data. Occasionally we saw error message:
> "at: can't create a job for you", and the batch job failed to queue itself.
> Can any one tell me what's the problem here?
> P.S. I have raised the number of concurrent job to 20 in /etc/cron.d/queuedefs
> file.
> Thanks,
> Yuan

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