SUMMARY: Syslog under 2.6

From: Chris Liljenstolpe (
Date: Mon Jun 01 1998 - 17:02:24 CDT


        This is a summary to a two part question:

1) Syslog under 2.6 (recommended patches as of 15 May) dies
sporadically (about every other day one of our 5 machine's syslogs
dies after the rotate logs HUP).

The fix is to retrograde to Solaris 2.5.1's syslog until Sun gets a
fixed Solaris 2.6 syslog out (the latest patches do not fix the

2) Syslog starts with two undocumented switches -n -z <nn> where nn is
variable between machines. These switches are not present in the
/etc/rc?.d or /etc/init.d scripts and only show up for syslog started
from boot. A stop/start cycle produces a syslog that just shows up as
syslogd in ps, rather than the syslogd -n -z <nn> which shows up after

Other parties reported this behavior as well, however no one knows
what these areguments are (except the folks with the source code) and
they are not documented in the man page.



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