SUMMARY: Sun to a remote Shiva Modem...

From: FreakaZoid (
Date: Thu May 28 1998 - 20:43:46 CDT

Sorry for the delay in the summary.

The issue really wasn't the modem but the two processes. One being the
telnet to the modem to inititate the dialout and two the process spawnd
to handle the download (kermit, sz, etc...). I had to get these to
processes talking once that happened the data coming accross just as the
text was, was fed to the other process and everything was in working

So all in all it took a little bit more work in the expect script,
interact -u <process of first process> after the spawn works wonders. A
little intersting coming out of this though.

I never did figure out how to get the Shiva to be seen as a device. I
don know though that Shiva does not have dialer attachments for unix, as
they do for win/dos.

Thanks again for the responses that I did get, it got the creative
juices flowing to figure out where I needed to look.

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