Summary : 2.6 jumpstart & sysidcfg

From: Waqar Hafiz (
Date: Wed May 27 1998 - 15:21:14 CDT

Original Problem :

I've created 'sysidcfg' file with the entries as per Advanced Solaris
Installation Guide. This file resides in the jumpstart directory which
is NFS shared.
I still get asked all the installation questions - locale, timezone,
subnet, etc.
What's wrong here?

Solution :

As many of pointed out, for 'sysidcfg' to work with jumpstart, each
client host entry in /etc/bootparams needs to have the following

This can be done by:
1. Running add_install_client script with -p option to specify the
location of 'sysidcfg' file on the server.
2. Manually editing the /etc/bootparams file

None of these 2 options are available to me because our jumpstart
is used by a variety of people and we only give them access to
Solstice Host Manager. Host Manager has a nice gui front end but
it is unaware of 2.6 'sysidcfg' feature.

For 'sysidcfg' to work in my setup, I had to make some minor
changes to the installation script 'startup'. I by-passed the
reading of sysidcfg location from /etc/bootparams file and
'hard-coded' this information in this script. Everything now
work perfectly and I've a completely 'hands-off' installation.
If anyone is interested in these changes, I'll be glad to email

Thanks to the following for their suggestions:

Steven Aizic <> (Kevin Colagio)
Srinivasa Rao Duddupudi <>
"Daniel J. Gregor Jr." <>
Gianluca Rotoni <>
Daphne Tregear <>
Jeff Woolsey <>

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