SUMMARY: Install OS without using openwin

From: Chin Hong Png (
Date: Wed May 27 1998 - 05:40:22 CDT


Normaly, to do a fresh install of solaris OS, we need to go to ok prompt on
> a graphical monitor :
> ok boot cdrom
> thereafter install OS through openwin ....
> Is there a way to install solaris OS using cdrom without going through
> openwin ?


try "boot cdrom - w " under ok prompt.


boot cdrom -s

brings it up in single user mode.

then run


This is a text install program. It is what you get when you do a serial
console install but it works great on a regular console.

PS, This is so much faster to use that we only use this method to do

Thanks to everyone who response to me.

Chin Hong

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