SUMMARY: recommended LDAP server?

From: Drexx Laggui (
Date: Mon May 25 1998 - 09:42:24 CDT

Hello world,

You people are great! Special thanks to:
Chris Marble <>
"Leif Hedstrom" <>
Karl Vogel <>
"Daniel Penrod" <>
Stafford Rau <>
Mannu Kalra <>

My original question:

> I am planning to run an LDAP server on a Sparcstation 20
> or on a Pentium 300MHz with Solaris 2.5.1 with just about
> 64MB RAM each. It will be on a private, unconnected-to-
> the-Internet LAN, serving both Unix and NT workstations.
> :-) BTW, is the Netscape LDAP server any good?
> What freeware LDAP server will you recommend? I have tried
> searching and the Sun-Managers archive
> but to no avail.

The answers:
My choice of hardware is rather appropriate, as the consensus
says. For the server itself, the one from the University of
Michigan had very strong votes in its favor. It can be found in:

However, we plan to use an LDAP server that supported SSL, so
I guess that using Netscape Directory Server v3.1 will suite me
(which also had very strong votes).

Again, thank you very much for your kindness,

Drexx Laggui <>

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