SUMMARY: Web page prinitng on Solaris 2.6

From: Derrick Lim (
Date: Thu May 21 1998 - 20:00:49 CDT


After doing a few testing, i've managed to get my Netscape to print web
page. i'm using the solution suggested by Daniel J. Gregor Jr., who sent
me a shell script to filter the printout. There are also others who have
granted their helping hand and some suggested me to download jetadmin
software from HP web page.

Anyhow, i use this solution with my own reason which i think the
solution best suit to me and simple enough for me to understand.
However, i appreciate everyone of you who have made effort to reply to
me and shower me with lots of ideas. Thank you very much.

The solution is like this. i have got a filter file for postscript
printing, which makes use of a freeware called Ghostscript to get a
proper fonts and format for postscript. So, this filter file actually
works with Ghostscript in order to print web page from my Netscape.
There is also a filter description file to describe the printer type and
the location of the filter file basically. i've attached these two file
in this mail.

This is how i configure my system with the files. In my case, i put my
filter file "psfilter" in /usr/local/bin, which is described in the
description file under "Command". After that, i use

# lpfilter -f ps2laser -F ps2laser

to install the filter, where ps2laser is the filter description file.


# lpadmin -p <printername> -I PCL

to tell that the printer accept only PCL data.

And, in my netscape browser version 4.05, under File-->Print, at the
Print Command column, i put in '/usr/local/bin/psfilter|lp' This is to
use the filter to convert the output and pipe to the lp command to

i hope this can be understood. If anyone has any questions or could not
make it work, feel free to contact me and i will try my best to help.

Thank you.


i'm sorry that my question posted earlier on was not clear. i'm quite
fresh to solaris anyway. Thanks to all those who have reply. i
understand from the replies that Netscape for Unix sends postscript for

Thanks goes to:
Daniel J. Gregor Jr.
Richard Skelton
O'Neal Chris
Marc S.Gibian
D. Stewart McLeod
Jim Harmon

FYI, the HP Laser 5P i'm using is not configure to accept any postscript
printing. Thus, i actually got 'garbage' (funny ascii sign, and text)
when i print web page directly from my Netscape browser.

However, i've donwloaded a free version of Ghostscript. i can print
postscript file fine from command line using the Ghostscript filter.
But, i do not know how to cofigure my Ghostscript to print web pages
from ym Netscape browser.

Perhaps, some of you may give me some guidelines on configuring my

Thanks a lot.

Hi all,

i'm running Solaris 2.6 with recommended patches on SS20 with 32MB
memory. The workstation is connected to the LAN where i can access to a
HP Laser 5P network printer.

My problem is whenever i try to print a web page directly from my SUN
workstation, i got all the garbage printed out. If i print the same page
using WIndows PC, it printed just fine. Both i use the 'Print' button on
my Netscape 4.05 browser. The print command i use is 'lp', on the
Solaris platform Netscape browser.

Can anyone tell me how can i print a proper web page directly from the
SS20? It is troublesome for me to go to the Win95 PC whenever i want to
print a web page.

Thanks in advance. i will summarize.

Derrick Lim
CSA Penang
email :

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