SUMMARY - Volume Manager

From: Goodson Alex A (
Date: Thu May 21 1998 - 03:17:29 CDT

Many thanks to all those who replied.
Marco Greene
Ray Trzaska
Jim Ennis
Valenti, Roberto
Steve Kay
Janet Hoo

The admin guides for Volume Manager can be found at (thanks Ray and everyone
else who pointed me to

It was really interesting to hear that people are using SDS with the
A5000's. During the presentation I attended given by SUN UK last week I
was told quite emphatically that.

1 Only Volume Manager can be used with A5000
2 SUN do not recommend using RAID 5 on A5000 (apparently the performance
is quite poor)
3 There is nothing wrong with storing all your data, including the OS
filesystems, on the A5000
4 SUN also said that they intend to concentate on Volume Manager in
preference to SDS. The salesman stated that SUN didn't see a long term
future with SDS.

This information was expressed by one employee of SUN rather than a
corporate statement. However, at the time I had no reason to think that
this wasn't SUN's official view.

any comments welcome.


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