Administrivia. The moving of the list.

From: Gene Rackow (
Date: Mon May 18 1998 - 17:23:30 CDT

Some of you may have already noticed, but we are moving the sun-managers
mailing list away from it's home on While I've enjoyed
my time as maintainer of the list, it is time for it to move on. I no longer
have the time to spend keeping the list operating as I think it should, and
rather than have the list melt down under lack of care, I'm passing the
baton to someone else.

Rob Montjoy, who is the maintainer of the "Comp.sys.sun.admin FAQ" among
many his many other hats is taking over the care and feeding of the list.
Please be kind as he get the kinks worked out of the software that is
used in the care and feeding of the list. Rob will soon be sending out
details as to any administrative information you might need or desire.

The address will continue to forward mail
to the new master location of the list for now. In the future, you really
should be addressing mail that is destined to go to the list to it's
new address of "". Once most of
you have transitioned to using the new address, ra will be retiring from the
email biz. It will remain as an ftp server for some time to come, but
we will be making some changes as to how that is handled in the future
as well. Nothing that should be detrimentally noticable to the end user


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