SUMMARY: Console dies on an E5000

From: Dennis Martens (
Date: Tue May 19 1998 - 21:00:18 CDT

Concensus was to switch the system key to SECURE, so that when the
console dies, it does NOT take the system with it.

I was more worried about the terminal and the strange prompts, but,
you're right, the machine is more important.

P.S. I've tried the 'correct' channels with no success - does anyone
have any info on a Hitachi CDR-1700S CDROM, such as cabling specs and
dipswitch settings?

Thanks to:

Kevin Sheehan
Marco Greene
V.Q. Hoang
Christopher L. Barnard
John Hilger
Bismark Espinoza

Original Message:

Hi, this has happened twice in the past week. Our console terminal
(Wyse) on our E5000 (Solaris 2.5.1) appears dead during our morning
checks. In this case, our normal routine is to power the terminal off,
then type "go" at the prom prompt. Sometimes typing "go" just gives you
another prompt, then typing "go" again resumes system operation.
However, on two recent occasions, when the terminal was restarted, there
was either NO prompt, or there was a weird prompt today of "2]". Having
interrupted the processor, and having no way to reconnect, the entire
system was restarted.
We tried to attach another terminal to eliminate that possibility, same
Questions: What could be causing our faulty console connections, and
when you lose connection to the system through the console, are there
any options apart from a system restart?
Thanks for any advice
Dennis Martens

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