SUMMARY: Dev_Seek errors from ufsdump

From: Jason Pong (
Date: Mon May 18 1998 - 03:10:49 CDT

Original question:
> G'day all,
> We have a client that has been experiencing dev_seek errors from
> ufsdump. I have looked up on SunSolve (although my copy is not upto date)
> but either Im going blind in my old age or there's no solution in my
> copy. Here's the bug report from SunSolve
> Bug Id: 4015300
> Category: sysadmin
> Subcategory: dump_restore
> State: integrated
> Synopsis: ufsdump results in dev_seek errors
> Description:
> When using ufsdump to back up /var on jurassic the following is received
> (jurassic 1# ufsdump 0bfu 126 firefight:/dev/rmt/0bn /var):
> DUMP: NEEDS ATTENTION: Cannot open `firefight:/dev/rmt/0bn'. Do you want to
> retry the open?: ("yes" or "no") YES
> DUMP: Volume 2 begins with blocks from inode 3884718
> DUMP: 42.65% done, finished in 5:36
> DUMP: 44.45% done, finished in 5:24
> DUMP: 46.25% done, finished in 5:13
> DUMP: 48.06% done, finished in 5:02
> .
> .
> .
> DUMP: Warning - block 1080189556 is beyond the end of `/dev/md/rdsk/d610'
> DUMP: bread: dev_seek error
> DUMP: Warning - block 1651667564 is beyond the end of `/dev/md/rdsk/d610'
> DUMP: bread: DEV_LSEEK2 error
> DUMP: Warning - cannot read sector 2195776576 of `/dev/md/rdsk/d610'
> DUMP: bread: DEV_LSEEK2 error
> .
> .
> .
> DUMP: More than 32 block read errors from dump device `/dev/md/rdsk/d610'
> DUMP: NEEDS ATTENTION: Do you want to attempt to continue? ("yes" or "no")
> Work around:
> None.


Sorry to get you folks out there confused, but the example above is
from Sunsolve. Alot of people suggested in doing an fsck on the filesystem
first. A couple of people also suggested in making sure there is no overlap
between slices on the disks. All the suggestions has been done with no

Wales Wong ( seemed to have the answer (in my case).
He said that Patch 104490-05 claims to fix this problem.

Jim Harmon ( also said:
The last time I saw this type of problem one of 2 things was true:

        IT was a Seagate Drive that was out-of-rev. (You can uprev
        seagate EEPROMs from a PC with a SCSI card using Seagate's
        update program. It won't change data on the disk, just the


        IT was a corrupted partition table.
        (This was a situation where a partition table was setup
         differently from the "default" partition table, and the
         "label" wasn't saved. Then, at some other time, someone
         used the format command, got a message that the table hadn't
         been saved, and hit "save label", rewriting the changed table
         with a default table. Fortunately, we had a printed copy of
         the custom table setup, and simply restoring the correct
         partition information and saving THAT table stopped the

Thanks to the following people for their help.

Tom Erickson <>
David Evans <>
Rose, Robert <>
Heidi Burgiel <>

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