SUMMARY: Compact printer

Date: Wed May 13 1998 - 03:52:31 CDT

I found a Lexmark Optra E+ which appears to fit the bill. It is compact,
prints postscript and has an optional carrying case. It's footprint is
13.7"W x 9.7"D x 8.6"H and weighs 13.2 lbs. Not as small as I wanted but it
will do. I have added the replied I received below in case they will help
someone else. Thanks to the three who replied.

SrA Gary White
C2 Systems Engineering Branch


No such Thing that I know of offhand, just wanted to point out that
you'll likely NOT want to restrict your Search to the SUN / SUN Clone
Market; Try PC Resellers and such. As long as the portable SUN has
"the usual" Connectors (parallel &/| serial), and the Printer accepts
either PostScript or any of the long List of Printer Languages that
GhostScript outputs, it should be possible to get them to cooperate.
(Though Solaris, which did away with the BSD Type Print Spoolers, might
think different for *quite* a While. :-} )

                                                                J. Bern

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Gary, You mentioned you were looking for a laser? Is that necessary? The ink jet printers can be pretty good, and that will give you more choices. (I am sure I have seen one for exactly the use you are describing) Seth

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I cannot recommend a specific printer, but you might try looking at light printers supported by Vividata software. I haven't tried their software, but they claim to make it easy to print to PC printers. (Sun recommends Vividata's PostShop as a replacement for NeWSprint for some older Sun printers.) If the software works as advertised, you can get PostShop and a low-cost printer which meets your needs. I'd look at catalogs like PC Zone and PC Warehouse and other folks who sell notebook computers. These vendors are likely to sell transportable printers for PCs.


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Gary, I just had a vague recollection of seeing portable printers advertised to go with laptops.

eg, HP 340 Portable: 3PPM B/W, with Color option, approx $300

I have no personal experience

SrA Gary White C2 Systems Engineering Branch USAFE CSS/SCOE 480-7363

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