SUMMARY: automount not responding..

From: Frank Sargent (
Date: Tue May 12 1998 - 13:11:39 CDT

amazing what oyu can fix by applying the recommended patches to a system...

( still amazes me it worked fine for so long.. )

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From: Frank Sargent <>
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Date: Thursday, May 07, 1998 9:00 PM
Subject: automount not responding..

I have a real problem on my hands and I am starting to run in circles..

-mix of machines running 4.1.1 through to 2.5.1 on every different arch.
-NIS server 2.5.1 with no patches yet.. and is the file system server as
-user home area automounted via direct map

we will be fine for several hrs - user logs in and their area is
automounted under them - they log out and it times out and gets released...

then after several hrs. the file server will stop answering requests from
the automounter on the requesting system.

a reboot cleans things up again - yippy....

when I run automountd -T on a system I see the mount request go out - then
server returns a status=2 when things are not working - a status=0
( and the mount ) when things are good...

I can do a manual mount of the file system fine at any time... and hard
mounting the user areas solves the users problem as well - but not what I
am looking for as I have a large mix of machines IRIX 6.3 to 5.3 - Sun
4.1.1 to 2.5.1 - Linux 2.0.32 to 2.1.98.. all have the same problem...

rpcinfo show nfs and mountd registered.. not a running twice issue I

rpcinfo -u filerserver nfs 2 ( and 3 ) both return
program 100003 version2(3) ready and waiting

when things are good

- but I get an RPC timeout program 100003 not available when things are
bad to the same request above...

the fileserver in question is also a DNS server running bind 8.1.1

I am searching the archives and going through the O'Reilly books... but I
have found nothing that has helped so far...

nothing in the logs indicates anything about why this refusal to mount
would happen - the nfs processes are still there 'runnning' if you list
them, they don't die and dissappear...

I may find the answer in the archives - and I am continuing to search -
just thought I would send this out to get a jump on it.....

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