Summary: FNS solution to NIS and LDAP???

From: Dan Penrod (
Date: Fri May 08 1998 - 12:19:58 CDT


My original question is included below. I was hoping to
discover how Sun Solaris FNS (Federated Name Service)
is supposed to bring together NIS, DNS, and LDAP. We
were hoping to centralize our NIS and LDAP databases
together as one.

I only got one response after 3 full days. (Marc S. Gibian) suggests that
FNS might be a POSIX standard Sun is incorporating into
Solaris and that Sun is "layoring" in NIS. Marc is using FNS
to centralize admin for SunSoft Print Client (SSPC).

I was hoping for more. Oh well. :-(

Thanks for the bandwidth,


Dan Penrod wrote:

> We're using LDAP (Netscape's) as our corporate directory server for > email and calendar authentication. We want a solution that merges LDAP > to our NIS passwd table, that is... a single UserAccount/Password table > that can serve both NIS requests as well as LDAP requests. > > I saw Nina Burns-Pomeroy's Summary the other day; "NIS and Netscape's > Directory Server", which suggested the use of 'ypldap', which appears to > be an experimental beta package being developed by a company called > Xedoc. Basically, it's an NIS package with a ypserv daemon that refers > to an LDAP database rather than the old NIS dbm tables. > > My question is this... Isn't Sun's FNS (Federated Name Service), which > is bundled into Solaris 2.6, supposed to consolidate NIS, DNS, and > LDAP??? I'm having a hard time fully understanding what FNS is supposed > to do as I suspect many others are. So I'd like to ask a few questions > regarding FNS. > > Are there many of you using FNS or evaluating FNS yet? > > Is it, in fact, supposed to merge NIS(NIS+), DNS and LDAP? > > Should it work with either NIS or NIS+? > > How might it compare to a YPLDAP (like the one mentioned above)? > > All thoughts, opinions, and experiences with FNS are welcome. > > Thanks, > dan

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