Summery:Configuring vt320 serial terminal on Ultra2 box

From: Fayez Aboulchaar (
Date: Tue May 05 1998 - 14:28:26 CDT

Thanks to all who replied.

The solution was:

run the cmd "eeprom". Below are the relevant entries from my Ultra1

which has a Sun monitor/kbd, not a terminal:

output-device=screen (make this ttya)

input-device=keyboard (make this ttya)

ttya-rts-dtr-off=false (make this true)

ttya-ignore-cd=false (make this true)

ttya-mode=9600,8,n,1,- (this is 9600bps, 8N1)

It sounds as if you have the right cable.

If you have answerbook loaded, this info can be found (tho you need

to dig to find it) in the OpenBoot Command Reference Manual, Setting

Configuration Variables. Or, do an answerbook (or

search on "serial console".

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With one catch the serial terminal cable should straight through and not
cross wired.


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