SUMMARY: Why isn't partition correct size?

From: Ackerson, Greg (
Date: Thu Apr 30 1998 - 10:15:40 CDT

I forgot to resize the file system in Volume Manager.

Original problem:
I'm using Volume Manager 2.4 on Solaris 2.5.1 with a SSA 100 RAID
and a bunch of 2.1 and 4.0 GB Seagate disks. Our /opt filesystem
if composed of two disks, 723,000K and 350M (the second disks's
plex offset is 723,000K). The plex size is 1,080,000K, as is the
volume size. Yet, the filesystem as mounted is always UNDER 700 M!
Thanks go to Roar Smith for the answer!
> Hi,
> you probably have forgotton to grow the filesystem when the volume was
> grown.
> This can be done via the Visual Administrator or via the fsadm utility
> for VxFS filesystems (/usr/lib/fs/vxfs/fsadm see: fsadm_vxfs(1m)) or
> via the mkfs command for UFS filesystems (see: mkfs_ufs(1m))
> If your diskgroup is "mydg" and volume is "vol01" and the size of your
> volume
> is 2160000 sectors (1.080.000kB) here is what you need to do:
> UFS: mkfs -F ufs -M /vol01 /dev/vx/rdsk/mydg/vol01 2160000
> VxFS: /usr/lib/fs/vxfs/fsadm -b 2160000 -r /dev/vx/rdsk/mydg/vol01 /vol01
> Or choose "Basic-Ops" => "File Systems Operations" => "Resize"
> in the vxva(1m) Visual Administrator.
> You are going to regret that your /opt filesystem spans multiple
> partitions
> if you ever need to upgrade your Solaris operating system however, so I
> suggest you seriously consider changing this.

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