SUMMARY: sendmail V8 userdb - Solaris 2 client

From: Craig Faasen (
Date: Wed Apr 29 1998 - 10:04:24 CDT

Ooops. I was browsing through the Archives and found that I had sent
this question back in May last year but (ouch !) never posted a summary.

Summary of original question :
> I am running sendmail V8 (currently 8.8.5) on our mailhost (SPARCstation 10,
> SunOS 4.1.3) and have been using the userdb facility for some months to map
> outgoing From: addresses.
> This works perfectly well when mail is sent from SunOS 4.1.x clients; however,
> I am having problems with Solaris 2 clients...

Summary of replies :
As far as I recall, the only replies I got actually came from the
comp-mail-sendmail list. Both respondents recommended dumping userdb and
using something else :
- "it was recommended to me to use the genericstable and virtusertable
features instead of UserDB, and so far they both seem to work *much*
- "In fact, I'm going to use a commercial gateway product called PMDF
from Innosoft, Inc. It does very intelligent name remapping at a
central gateway, as well as a number of other functions."

Thanks to:
"The Hermit Hacker"
"the Timster"

Current Status:
I messed around with this for some time, but did not find a solution. In
the next weeks, I will be converting my mail host to a Solaris 2.6
system and will have to re-address the problem (need to rewrite user and
domain names in the From: field). I have not yet looked at any 3rd party
gateway software (perhaps the Sun Internet Mail Server provides some of
this functionality ?).

Best regards,

-- craig

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