SUMMARY: Problem with Sun FastEthernet Adapter

From: Harry Levinson (
Date: Tue Apr 28 1998 - 15:47:24 CDT

I think the card was having trouble picking up the link from the hub over
the UTP port. My watch-net-all test may have been getting hung up by the
Ancor Fibre Channel card but according to the output, it was on the hme
interface that the internal loopback hung.

When I finally tried the test-net and specified the card the link light on
the hub came on and the tests completed. I will have to go back and try a
complete power cycle to see if the system is really happy.

I may have screwed myself up with the packages somewhere along the line.
In any case, only after I installed the SUNWhmdl/u packages for 2.5 from
the CD did the card get recognized by the OS (2.5.1). Functionally
everything seems fine but I am going to go back and check the performance
and errors over time to be sure that there is not some hardware problem

Thanks for the input Casper.


Suggestions from Casper Dik:

Regarding watch-net-all:
  Even after a reset? I don't think you can boot & halt/L1-A and get it to

Choosing MII or UTP:
  It will auto-sense.

Do I need a package for the adapter:
  It's supported by default.

Have you done "ifconfig hme0 plumb"?
Original Post:
>I am having a problem installing a Sun FastEthernet card.
>System: Ultra 1, 170
> Solaris 2.5.1
> SBus slot 1 (0 is occupied by a Fibre Channel card)
> Patches: recent with 104212-11
>I want to use the UTP port as I don't have a MII interface. It is
>connecting to a 'generic' 10Base-T hub.
>1. The device shows up with show-devs.
>2. The Internal loopback hangs when I do watch-net-all (hmm, very
>3. The manual indicates that it uses MII by default but did not say how to
>use the UTP port. Should it switch automatically to the UTP port when it
>"senses" the hub on the UTP port?
>4. The CD which came with the card "SunFastEthernet Adapter 2.1" provides
>packages only up to 2.5. Does this mean that 2.5.1 supports it via the
>SUNWhmd and SUNWhmdu packages (SunSwift) or should I use the SUNWhmdl and
>SUNWhmdlu packages for 2.5?
>You did do a "boot -r" fater instaling the device?

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