SUMMARY: Max ufs filesys size on 2.5.1?

From: Bryan Hodgson (
Date: Tue Apr 28 1998 - 08:52:34 CDT

True to the intent of this list, David Schiffrin <>
responded very quickly with the the answer and the solution. Casper Dik
<casper@holland.Sun.COM> also correctly diagnosed the problem (as he
usually does, thank you for paying such regular attention to this list,

Due to a bug (Sun #1264428), Ultra1's can't use a 4096 block size. And
when I let the system use the 8192 default, everything actually worked.

Others (thanks folks, and my apologies if I missed anyone) reported that
they had successfully setup larger than 2G filesystems, and so there should
be an answer:

Mike Blandford <>
Peter Keating <>
Chris Marble <>
Leo Cazares <>
Michael Kasperek <>
Torsten Huebler <>
Dave Floyd <>
"Have, R. van der" <>
Matt Reynolds <>
Rich Kulawiec <>

Original post below.

Bryan Hodgson Astea International
Senior Systems Administrator 455 Business Center Drive
email: Horsham, PA 19044

> Needing a quick answer, folks.
> I've got a 4G Sun disk. I'd like to make it into a single 4G file
> system, but <sheepish grin> having some problems.
> Is the problem (as I suspect) that a ufs file system on 2.5.1 (with
> current patches) can't be bigger than 2G?

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