SUMMARY: [Q] create FTP only account with restriction??

From: Duffy Men (
Date: Mon Apr 27 1998 - 13:04:45 CDT

Look like normal ftpd can not do that. Most people suggest wu-ftpd.

My original post:

> We have an SUN SOlaris 2.5 computer. I need create a FTP only account and
> this account can NOT do anything else other than HOME directory. For
> example, this account can NOT "cd" to other directory or "get" file except
> from his HOME directory.
> Does anyone know how to do it? Thank you.

=============Answer from jeff kennedy ==============================
I use WU-ftp so I'm not sure if this will work in the vanilla ftp that
comes with Solaris. In the system /etc/passwd file you create the user and
give that user a shell of /etc/ftponly. In /etc/shells you need to make
sure that there is a shell called /etc/ftponly. The users home directory
should be chrooted to whatever structure you are using. ie.
 /ftp/guests/user/./ The /./ is what tells the system that this is
the root directory for this user. So when they ftp in and do a "pwd" they
see "/" as their current directory when it is really /ftp/guests/user. Any
"cd .." or "cd /" will put them right where they are. After that make sure
the user is the owner of that directory and permissions are set correct and
that should be that. Of course you'll still need etc, bin, dev, and user
under that directory but that can all be found in the man pages for ftpd.

The above link is for WU-ftp, just in case you are using it.

Hope this helps.

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