SUMMARY: Decrypting a file with vi encryption

From: Patrick Fitzpatrick (
Date: Mon Apr 27 1998 - 03:06:31 CDT

My problem was that i had accidentally encrypted a script using vi and could not recall the key.
many thanks to all those who responded.

suggestions were as follows:

- use vi -x <filename> and guess the key (i had tryed that without success)
- write a program which makes a crypt call and tries the likely key combinations.
the person who suggested this reckoned it would take about 5 minutes to crack
- download CWB (crypt breakers work bench) form the archives which will help to crack
- post the problem to sci.crypt.newsgroup including the first 128 bytes of the file after encryption
and these bytes before encryption (if i could remember) and somebody in the group might crack
it for me
- re-type the script

even those who suggested alternatives to the last option above hinted that i would be as quick to
re-type. i agree and this is what i did, although i might try cracking the code in the future as an excercise.
if i do this i will be sure to relay my experiences to the group.


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