SUMMARY: disable dtlogin (was Solaris 2.6 console command line login)

From: Leo Cazares (
Date: Fri Apr 24 1998 - 12:20:15 CDT

Original Question:
>Ever since Solaris 2.6 came out, the default console
>login is not a command line login. You have to use
>the mouse to enable a command line login. Is there
>a real easy way to disable this and go back to the
>old command line login by default?

As many pointed out, the solution is simple:

To disable dtlogin without reboting:

/usr/dt/bin/dtconfig -kill (kills dtlogin till next reboot)

Two solutions to disable dtlogin on the next reboot:

1) /usr/dt/bin/dtconfig -d (disables start after reboot as well)
2) rename /etc/rc2.d/S99dtlogin to something like /etc/rc2.d/s99dtlogin
   so that it will not run on next reboot.


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