SUMMARY: Re: compiling xpm - need help

From: Lisa Weihl (
Date: Fri Apr 24 1998 - 12:18:18 CDT

A while ago I was trying to install xpm to try out fvwm. I was working off
an article from the October 1997 copy of Sun Expert which stated before
building fvwm make sure you have the xpm library.

My original post stated that I couldn't get it to compile even after fixing
all the known bugs with Solaris' make. I assume my problem had to do with
shared libraries.

Thanks to Chris Jack for the following reply.....

I don't know about your problem compiling xpm however...

you don't need xpm to compile fvwm. There is a line in
        '#define XPM'

I guess I can probably still build and install fvwm but won't have full
functionality. This is a project that got put on hold but I still plan on

Thanks again,

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