SUMMARY: Quad cards and Trunking

From: Craig Faasen (
Date: Fri Apr 24 1998 - 08:16:44 CDT

Summary of original question :
> 1. In general, what are experiences with and impressions of qfe + Sun
> Trunking ? Does it really deliver what it is claimed to ?
> 2. In particular, does it work with BayStack 350 switches. According to
> the BayStack release notes, software release version 2.0 does support
> MultiLink Trunking - this sounds promising, but has anybody actually
> connected up one of these switches to a machine with a qfe card + Sun
> Trunking ?

Summary of replies :
Only received two replies. One respondent suggested considering "a Gig
ether card and gig/100 switch (like the Accellar)". The other is in a
similar situation, wanting to use Trunking in conjunction with a Cisco
Catalyst 5500: "On paper, this is supposed to work just fine, but ...".
Yeah, I know the feeling !

Thanks to:
Chris Liljenstolpe
David Mather

Current Status:
Well, there were no specific answers to my questions. I have again asked
Sun for more detailed information about qfe cards, Trunking and
supported switches and am awaiting their response (hopefully this time I
will get more than just a reference to the Press Release I got when I
asked the first time).

Sun Networking Forums :
Back in September last year, I posted a question to this list, asking
about Sun-Nets or any other lists dealing specifically with Sun
networking issues. In my summary, I concluded that Sun-Nets was in fact
dead and I did not get references to any other lists [by the way,
Sun-Nets really is dead - I've just received a message from the ex-list
maintainer: "The list is no longer active (it has not, in fact, been
active for slightly more than six years")].

While I'm here, I'd like to revive this theme and ask :
1. What is correct forum for the above questions ? Are there REALLY no
mailing lists / newsgroups dedicated to Sun Networking ?
2. Why can't a company that claims "The Network is the Computer" provide
and administer such a list (daring huh ?)
3. Are there any kind souls who would like to take on the task of
setting up and maintaining such a list (no, I thought not, if you're
involved with system admin, chances are you're already being worked to
4. Gene, you're doing a fantastic job with this list, I don't suppose I
could ask you ... err no, I guess not.

Best regards,

-- craig

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