SUMMARY2: SunNetManager monitoring LOCAL disk space, NOT NFS or LOFS.

From: Janis Lykakis (
Date: Fri Apr 24 1998 - 07:14:48 CDT

Howdi Sun managers

A while ago I asked the following.

> I really really hope this is not a RTFM, but I've read the entire
> Solstice Site/SunNet/Domain manager Admin Guide, browsed the entire
> internet, "grepped" throug 3 years of sun-managers mails, to no avail.
> What I want to do has to be easy.
> I'm running SunNetManager 2.3 on a Solaris 2.6 machine.
> We've got several Solaris and SunOS servers. I installed
> the sun provided agents on all servers.
> One of the things we want to use SNM for is monitor diskspace,
> So I used: "send Predefined" --> "event request" --> "When disk is full"
> Set the capacity attribute to 98%. BUT THE DAMN THING ALSO MONITORS
> NFS and LOFS DISKS!!! I do not want that. We have several dedicated
> dataservers with disks that fill up frequently.
> I tried to do something with the key. but the key is MountedOn.
> I do not want to define seperate requests for every partition I want
> to monitor, or do I ?? I want every new disk to automatically be
> monitored.
> Or do I need to make scripts that run from the cron, check df -kl and
> add events-requests to SNM?
> Please help me out here, I'm stuck.
> Furthermore, I tried to find and archive of "old" snm-people summaries
> or something like that, to make sure my question has not been asked hundred's
> of times, but I cannot find it. Does it excist?

Unfortunately, no-one thought SNM could do it, so I send a mail to
our own (CVSI) support department, they forwarded the call to Sun and....

I got THE answer. It IS possible!! Sun came through!.

The agent na.diskinfo supports the following options:

I can NOT find them anywhere in the docs, but they work!!

So you change the "send predefined --> event request --> When Disk is Full":
and add the options

nonfs:nocdrom:nofloppy (you must specify the : in case of several options)
to the "Options:" field

et voila, No more nfs, no more cdrom and no more floppy !!!

Janis Lykakis.

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