SUMMARY: #2 System in boot mode when console power off

From: Per Akesson (
Date: Tue Apr 21 1998 - 01:28:17 CDT

Some more responses after my first summary of my original question:

>this morning I noticed that my server was in boot prom mode, after
>my VT100 console had stopped working, just as if I had sent a BREAK.
>Is there some way to configure the serial connection to
>prevent this ?

From: Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child}

It's actually a break that does it...

..and there is actually a way. Break is sensed by the zs (serial)
driver and
calls prom_enter, prom_enter_mon, or debug_enter or somesuch depending
on release. You can patch the driver to NOP out that call. Depends on
your adb skills and ability to find the call in zsa_??int routines.

Terminal server or serial connection from another machine is usually the

answer. I think there was even a "Consulting Special" that just didn't
sense break, don't know if it still even exists, and would recommend
it another way anyway.

From: Arthur Darren Dunham

Umm, did no one mention that the 'kbd' program (and accompaning
'/etc/default/kbd' file) can manage this under Sol 2.6. Now, you
won't be able to halt the machine if you need to, but it won't go down
if the terminal is power cycled.

  Per Åkesson
  Carmenta AB

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