SUMMARY: problem rebooting after configuring NIS

From: Cliff W. Mack (
Date: Mon Apr 20 1998 - 15:32:25 CDT

My solution was to just leave dns out of the nsswitch.conf file for
>From what I understand, NIS will default to DNS for lookups if DNS is

Also, I think part of the original problem was "too much" massaging of
NIS Makefile.... starting from scratch seemed to clear up a few of the

FYI, securenets is not mandatory.

Thanks to:
Mark Baldwin
Richard Niziak (the symbol formerly known as Rick)

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I've allready searched the FAQs, DATAMAN, LaTech,, UGU,
Hal Stern's "NFS and NIS", etc., etc.

H/Sw: Solaris 2.6 (with patches)
      Ultra 1 170 Creator

Problem: We're attempting to get a server configured for a new LAN in
our office running DNS, NFS, NIS, Qmail, and some other things.

We already have DNS and Qmail running and thought we had done all the
pre-requisites for getting the Master NIS server up and running but
upon reboot (after moving nsswitch.nis to nsswitch.conf) the machine
hangs after "Starting rpc services".... it states that the services
are done (ypserv ypbind ypxfrd and others) but hangs right after that.

If I move nsswitch.files to nsswitch.conf and then reboot I have no
problems; yp is running and the one test client I have hanging off the
sees the server as the Master NIS Server.

Additionally, is it mandatory to have the securenets file?

C.W. Mack
UNIX System Administrator
Air Intelligence Agency

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