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From: Bill Townsley (
Date: Mon Apr 20 1998 - 14:27:07 CDT

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> Does annybody have a script/method of monitoring NFS usage?
> My ultimate goal is to get some baseline NFS access figures
> to justify the purchase of a new file server. - ie, number/
> duration of automounts, bandwidth utiliziation, system
> resources, etc


The majority of folks pointed me towards nfsstat - shame on
me for not finding that one myself as it's part of the standard
OS distribution.

Others suggested the use of a shareware program called nfswatch.
This appears to expand on some of the functionality of nfsstat,
but I haven't downloaded it to test.

Still others mentioned lsof to list open NFS files.

Many thanks for the helpful responses:

Dan Penrod
Wolf Shaefer
Michel Pilon
Loring Safford
Steve Kay
Rich Lulawiec
Gregg Johnson
Sebastian Benoit
Kevin Sheehan
Joel Lee

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