SUMMARY --> Re: how to submitt a bug report to sun?

From: Michael Galloway (
Date: Mon Apr 20 1998 - 07:50:29 CDT

the general concensus is that you have to have a sun software
support contract in place to file a bug report with sun. that
seems a little ass backwords to me: i get the priviledge of
paying sun to inform them of problems with their software.
not a major problem, since i have a po in the works for a support
contract, but still it seems backwards to me.

thanks to these folks who took time to help me with this one:

Matthew Potter
Casper Dik
Thomas Anders
John Keeton
Marc Gibian
Kevin Sheehan
Aaron Lineberger

-- michael galloway

Thus Spake Michael Galloway (
> this may be a silly question, but how does one go about submitting
> a sparc solaris bug report to sun? i just spent the better part of
> an hour crusing through,, and
> and never found a bug report template. thanks!
> --
> -- michael galloway

-- m

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