SUMMARY: Continued Problems with 2.6/Mutiple IP

From: Jonathan R. Wilner (
Date: Fri Apr 17 1998 - 08:32:06 CDT

Thanks to everyone for their quick answers.

The original question was:
We've been trying to get Solaris 2.6 machine w/multiple virtual IP
addresses to stick to one for outbound use. Following the instructions in
the archive, I've applied patch 105786-04 to /drv/ip & used ndd to set
ip_enable_group_ifs to 0.

Unfortunately, this is still not working. The machines continue to
attempt to load balance, making host authentication useless. Has anyone
gotten this to work? I would really appreciate any advice or tips.

There appears to be two solutions. One is a workaround, & the other is to
get an "unofficial" /dev/ip from Sun.

The workaround comes from SunSolve & was well summarized on
news://comp.sys.sun.admin by John Stewart of Carleton University. You can
read the post @

1. Get patch 105786-04 from Sun.

2. Disable interface groups functionality. Either use ndd -set /dev/ip
ip_enable_group_ifs 0, or edit /etc/system & add set
ip:ip_enable_group_ifs=0 .

3. Rename your designated primary hostname (e.g. hostname.hme0 that
matches /etc/nodename) to hostname.hme0:99 (or :999 if you have > 99
virtual interfaces). Make sure it's the last interface defined.

4. Add the ip address & hostname & make the new address

5. Reboot.

The permanent fix seems to be to get an unofficial file from Sun. Thanks
a lot to the two people who sent me that file! Hopefully Sun will
incorporate it into a real patch.

Thanks for the help to:

Casper Dik []
Nicholas Masika []
Robert Bays []
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Ade Faleti []

Jonathan Wilner
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