SUMMARY: SPARCprinter II: Printing Halted: printer cover open

From: Jochen Bern (
Date: Thu Apr 16 1998 - 07:21:46 CDT

Original Problem (edited for Brevity):
> Situation:
> SPARCprinter II with Duplexer running under "enclosed" NeWSprint
> (2.2 + SPARCprinter II Extensions)
> Problem:
> Now I finally got a new [Toner Cartridge], installed it ... and
> can't get past the "Printing Halted: printer cover open", both
> from lpd/NeWSprint and the sp2diag. I'm quite sure it's closed,
> especially after stacking a Coworker on Top ... :-)
> Questions:
> 2) Where in that Entanglement would I have to look for the
> Sensor, anyway?

No Replies, but the abovementioned Coworker found the Pin that is
supposed to press the Sensor, which had broken off. When looking onto
the LED Panel, the Pin comes down onto the left End of the Toner
Cartridge when you close the Cover, gets bent to the Front by a Notch
on the Cartridge, and "stings" into the Sensor below. It's sitting
on a Plastic Support that looks like it couldn't hold a Fly, much
less the permanent Torque from the bent Pin ... can you say "planned
Obsolescense"? :-}

New Question: I've been told that "Lexmark 4039 10+" (?) Printers
look VERY similar to SPARCprinter II's. Can someone confirm whether
it would be possible to exchange Consumables ... ?

Thanks again,
                                                                J. Bern

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