SUMMARY: Tooltalk Errors with CDE editor

From: Gary W. Cook, System Consultant (
Date: Wed Apr 15 1998 - 10:46:22 CDT

I'm getting ToolTalk errors when I try to start the CDE text editor from
the toolbar or
try to open a file for editing by clicking on it. The error message is:
The attempt to launch an application to handle a ToolTalk request failed.
This may happen if
the requested application is r..........
The remainder of the message cannot be read because it is outside the
message box.
The system is an Ultra 1 200, Creator Graphics, 128Mb, Solaris 2.6,
patches, and 2 x 2.1G disks.
The configuration is a little different from most systems. It has a second
card (le0) which is the primary interface so nodename = hostname.le0. If I
the names of the interfaces or rename the system so the hostname = hme0, the
problem seems to go away. The installation was originally an upgrade from
which didn't seem to have the problem, but we were not using CDE at that
I've tried to fix the problem by deleting the TT_DB's and reinstalling


Thanks to:

Only a couple. None were valid for my problem.

The system is fully functional except for the editor problem. I managed to
make it work by adding
an "xhost +p47" entry in the /etc/dt/config/sessionetc file. I don't think
this is the right way (or place)
 to fix the problem but it gets the system up.

I also noticed another problem in the interim. When you try to copy or
move a file using the
file manager, the window disappears. This occurs only as root, not as a
regular user.

The Configuration....

/etc/hostname.le0 = p47
/etc/hostname.hme0 = office-sun
/etc/nodename = p47
/etc/hosts with office-sun p47 loghost
Recommended patches installed.

From: bismark@alta.Jpl.Nasa.Gov (Bismark Espinoza)
Include the two host
names on the /etc/hosts file. Make /etc/nsswitch.conf
look at "files" first.

From: "Brooke King (6532)" <>
I got the
TT_ERR_PTYPE_START when I had NIS telling my Solaris
2.6 workstation it had a different IP address from what its hosts
file and DNS entries were. Since nis comes before dns and files
in my nsswitch.conf, this was a problem. CDE's dtwm would start,
and so would dtterm, dtmail, dtfile, netscape and others. But
launches of dtpad and other things from CDE apps would not work.
I'd get the TT_ERR_PTYPE_START error. I presume this is because
CDE assumed it had to display to the address it derived from NIS.
Your problem may be similar. CDE assumes the address for one
interface is appropriate when another really is. Perhaps there is
an argument or parameter one can set to force desired behavior.
If not, you may have to live with reversed interfaces.

And a "me too" from:
I'd be interested to hear what feedback
you get from this one - we have
a very similar problem on an Ultra 1, Sol 2.5.1, 192MB RAM. I've looked
through sunsolve, and patch 104551-03 seems to describe very similar problems
to this, although when applied doesn't seem to make a whole lot of

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