SUMMARY: Installing gcc without a compiler

From: Nevin Steindam (steindnw@ACS.WOOSTER.EDU)
Date: Mon Apr 13 1998 - 18:25:47 CDT

Original problem: I wanted to install gcc 2.8.1, wihch requires compiling
it... and the only C compiler on the system was gcc 2.7.2. I had seen a
warning saying that using an older version of gcc to do the install could
cause it to put infinite loops in some functions. However, I was unable to
locate a precompiled binary (my only other option) of any recent enough
versions of gcc.

Thanks to:
Joe Pruett <> Brad Wallace <>
Bill Armand <> Ju-Lien Lim <>
Chris Marble <> Steven Aizic <>
Dean L. Eich <> Ameet Chaubal <>
Antonio Figueiredo <> Ron Kelley <rkelly@InfoAve.Net>
Jonathan Detert <>
David Thorburn-Gundlach <> Jim McVey <>
Larry Zins <> Terry Snyder <>
Ayoub, Nicky <> Benjamin Cline <>
Robert G. Ferrell <>
Karl Vogel <>

Several people were nice enough to give me locations of precompiled
versions of gcc 2.8.1. The most popular site was

In addition, many people also said that they'd never heard of any problems
with using an older gcc to compile the newer. Therefore, I'm assuming that
it is safe to do it that way... If anyone knows differently, please tell me
and I'll post an updated summary. (Because it's definitely a big problem
if so many people have improperly installed compilers.)

Thank you for your quick answers.

                Nevin Steindam

"We've all heard that a million monkeys banging on a million typewriters
will eventually reproduce the works of Shakespeare. Now, thanks to the
Internet, we know this is not true."
       --Robert Wilensky of the University of California

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