SUMMARY: Serial cable for Sparc IPX.

From: Ian Foster (
Date: Sat Apr 11 1998 - 03:12:48 CDT

Here's my original question:

>Im running solaris 2.6 on an old Sun Sparc IPX, does anyone know where
>can get hold of a serial cable in order to connect up a modem to it?
>It has a strange din type connector on the back instead of the usual 9

Many thanks to everyone that replied, far too many to list but you know
who you are :)

Well, it seems that old Apple Mac serial cables will do the trick as i've
been told by over 50 people! apparently the zilog SIO chipset and bad
serial driver support on the IPX isn't the greatest (thanks to Raymond
Wong for that) but speeds of up to 38400 seem to work
just fine.

Pinout diagrams, info and a list of places to buy them from are also
available from

Thanks again.

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