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From: Ron Kelley (rkelly@InfoAve.Net)
Date: Thu Apr 09 1998 - 07:16:40 CDT

Sun Managers,

Thanks to the following people who replied to my question:

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Casper Dik [casper@holland.Sun.COM]
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Possible Solutions:
1. Many people suggested I give wu-ftpd a try. According to some, this daemon is easy to configure and install. Additionally, this program also adds some additional security features as well. One person (David Harte ) mentioned this daemon will become a standard in Solaris 2.7.

2. Most people, however, suggested installing tcp-wrappers on my server. These "wrappers" not only give ftp messages, but also many other system services such as login messages, etc. This seems to be an excellent idea (something of which I had not thought about).

3. A number of people pointed to the /etc/motd and the /etc/welcome.message. Upon further review, I found these to not work in Solaris 2.5. Thanks for the help anyway!

4. A small number of people sent me the man page for in.ftpd. However, these man pages were from 2.6+ machines (I only have a 2.5 box). Thanks for the responses...

Probable course of action:
I will probably install the tcp-wrappers on my machine. While I like the idea of wu-ftpd, I like the additional services offered by tcp-wrappers.

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Subject: ftp login banner

Sun Managers,

I hope this is not a RTFM question (because I have), but here goes...

Our security person has asked us to ensure an official company message is
displayed when anyone logins into our Sun server (SS20 with Solaris 2.5.1).
 I found the /etc/issue file works with TELNET, however, I cannot find the
"magicical file" for FTP.

I recently searched the Sun Solve on-line manuals which stated I need to
get a copy of WU-FTPD to make banners/messages work.

My question is: do I really need to install WU-FTPD just to display an
initial login banner, or is there an alternate method to make this work?
We do not allow "anonymous" logins, and all I really need to do is display
the same /etc/issue file upon login. Because of our schedule, I would
prefer not to have to install another package.

Thanks for your time, and I will summarize

Ron Kelley
TBM System Engineer


Thanks to all those who responded! This list REALLY WORKS!!!

Ron Kelley

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