SUMMARY: Configuring a SUN as a PPP server using static IP address's

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Date: Thu Apr 09 1998 - 09:21:43 CDT

Here is the summary followup to my post a couple of weeks ago.....
These have been sent to the customer, but I haven't heard back from him...

Thanks to:
    Graham Gittens Vision Systems Software
    Rick Dempster Kansas State University
    Rick Brashear Collective Technologies


-------- Summary follows
Original question:

> I have a customer who needs to set up a SUN sparc as a PPP server using
> static address allocation. When he logs in, using WIN95 dial up networking, he
> gets disconnected by the server.....
> He has the SUN Tip sheet for PPP.

I had this problem on a Sparc 5 running Solaris 2.5.1 It is a bug with
Sun and Win95. In order to resolve it I had to install the patches for
PPP which are available in the Recommended Patch list from Sun if I
remember correctly.

I believe I got the correct patch for asppp from here. If not the other
managers might have more info.

Graham Gittens
Vision Systems Software

------------ From Rick Dempster
Date: Fri, 3 Apr 1998 09:51:04 -0600 (CST)
From: Rick Dempster <>
Subject: Re: Configuring a SUN as a PPP server using static IP address allocation


Which PPP is he running, asppp or PPP 3.0.1. I have setup both and I am
currently running PPP 3.0.1. When I was setting up 3.0.1, I was having the same
problem, it appeared to connect but then imediately disconnected but when I
logged in as terminal, e.g. using procom or hyperterm I was not disconnected.
This told me that my modem and port was setup correctly so It had to be PPP.

When I looked at the log file on the Sun, I found I had not installed the
license for 3.0.1. The asppp version does not need a license. Once I had the
license installed my configuation files were in need of some modifications.
Anyway, I finally got PPP 3.0.1 working so I have attached the configuration
files which are currently installed. I have included the ttydefs file out of
the /etc dir. because I customized an entry.

If you are install asppp and are still having trouble, I found acouple of other
tip sheets out on the web but I didn't keep them around. The main problem I had
with asppp setup was the modems need to be configured right. Below is how I
have one of my modems setup.

USRobotics Courier V.Everything Settings...

   B0 C1 E1 F1 M1 Q0 V1 X1

   &A3 &B1 &C1 &D2 &G0 &H1 &I0 &K1 &L0 &M4 &N0
   &P0 &R1 &S0 &T5 &X0 &Y1 %N6 #CID=0

   S00=001 S01=000 S02=043 S03=013 S04=010 S05=008 S06=002 S07=060
   S08=002 S09=006 S10=007 S11=070 S12=050 S13=000 S14=001 S15=000
   S16=000 S17=000 S18=000 S19=000 S20=000 S21=010 S22=017 S23=019
   S24=150 S25=005 S26=001 S27=000 S28=008 S29=020 S30=000 S31=000
   S32=009 S33=000 S34=000 S35=000 S36=000 S37=000 S38=000 S39=000
   S40=000 S41=000 S42=126 S43=200 S44=015 S45=000 S46=000 S47=000
   S48=000 S49=000 S50=000 S51=000 S52=000 S53=000 S54=064 S55=000
   S56=000 S57=000 S58=000 S59=000 S60=000 S61=000 S62=000 S63=000
   S64=000 S65=000 S66=000 S67=000 S68=000 S69=000 S70=000

If you need a copy of the file, I'll dig one off of my backup.
Hope this helps!

---------- From Rick Brashear:
I went through this process about six month ago. In the long term it
involved turning on the activity logs to determine that some customization
to the W95 side startup script. I believe you have the option to access
the scripting features in the dialup networking app.... The thing you
must be most aware of is that earlier versions of W95 do not have access
to the tools necessary to to do the debugging and script customization.
If you have that version, at the time I did it, there was a patch kit
available from Microsoft. OSR2 release came complete with the setup....

Good luck!

You can get detailed instructions on the process from the Collective
Technologies AnswerDesk. Check out: http://www.colltech/b/index.html

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