Date: Wed Apr 08 1998 - 05:08:00 CDT

Hello Admins,

Here is my orginal question:

> Hi,
> I need to mount a CDROM on a SS20. Unfortunatly my CD drive seems to be
> down (not able to mount any CDROMs with message: "sr0: failed to handle
> Unit Att"). The other CDROMs I have are HPs (on node with HP-UX10.01 or
> 10.20).
> Do you know how to mount a Sun CDROM in a HP drive ? what are the
> ? FS type ?

I have received several answers:

* mount -F hsfs -o ro /dev/sr0 /cdrom
* mount /dev/dsk/c1t2d0 /SD_CDROM if Unix CD
  else mount -o cdcase dev/dsk/c1t2d0 /SD_CDROM
* mount -F cdfs <device_name> <mount_point>

None of these answers are working, I believe that this CDROM (Sparcworks)
can be read only on Sun systems (I can mount and read others CDs).

Jean Philippe

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