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Date: Tue Apr 07 1998 - 04:15:01 CDT


Original question:
  I am currently attempting (!) to look at the performance of our web server
  and mailhub (2 separate systems). Both systems run a caching-only DNS
  (named). The mailhub runs exim software; the web server Apache and Squid for
  web-caching. Our nsswitch.conf file states 'hosts: dns files'. I saw on the
  Squid web site a note that stated that the nscd process could run very slow
  when the DNS resolver was heavily used - as with the web server. It was
  recommended to configure it not to cache host names. I have 2 questions
  1) Is this true; does the nscd run slow (just inefficient?) ?
  2) Is it better to run named (as a caching-DNS) rather than nscd to cache
     the host entries, or is nscd better despite the above? (We also
     currently cache DNS lookups with Squid - I am assuming that there
     is no need for this if we're running named to cache the entries?)

I received (I think) 3 replies which stated that basically nscd was not very
good, and indeed could cause problems under certain circumstances. Running
named should be all that's needed, and this we now do. (Having upgraded my
mail client I lost the actual replies I received - sorry!)


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