RE-SUMMARY: Sun Resellers

From: Igor Schein (
Date: Mon Apr 06 1998 - 16:20:35 CDT

Hi, upon many people's request, here's a compiled list of Sun resellers (
some of them are more than just Sun resellers, of course ):
Bay State Computer Group- 617-623-3100 Steve Hiltz Boston, MA
CIC Systems 781-255-3393 Kristine Lake Boston, MA
CIC-Systems 800-426-7539
Concorde Group 800-333-2786
Falcon Systems
Marathon Sparc Solutions 800-783-7354 Julie Hall Mountian View, CA.
Mendelson Associates 415-339-0200 Sausalito, CA
Pacific Computer Expansions, Inc. 714-458-5738 Rial
Partners Data Systems 800-550-3005 San Diego, CA
Rave Computer 800-317-7283 John Casbar
Seltech Marketing 216-338-3663 Charlie Butters
Solar Systems 800-253-5764
Spring Lake Comp. Exch. 800-826-2196
Star Systems Engineering, Inc. 717-854-5911 John D. Malick York PA
Tom Dowd Computer Connection 800-566-4786 x227
Vangard ( formerly R-Squared ) 800-777-3478
Western Scientific 619-565-6699 David Jensen
Work Group Solutions 791-238-8537 Marlon Acuna Boston, MA
World Data Products 800-553-0592

Also, the following site has a short list of Sun Resellers, some
of which are duplicated above:

I was refered to USENET newsgrous comp.sys.sun.wanted and

And finally, there're always 2 VARS, Access Graphics and Pacific
Access , who can always refer you to local resellers ( 3 locations in
Boston area above were suggested to me by a person from Access
Graphics ).


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