SUMMARY: Sendmail binaries for Solaris

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Date: Mon Apr 06 1998 - 14:54:39 CDT

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Subject: SUMMARY: Sendmail 8.8.8 binaries wanted:

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I am looking for a binary of sendmail 8.8.8 for my sparc:
sparc10, NIS+ server, DNS server, Mail server,

I forgot so say that I was needing sendmail 8.8.8 for Solaris 2.3.
Accord to Chris Marble, I look for the page

And I follow the instructions, (Sun C compiler), and I obtain the
binary, but when I insert the 2 last files in the program
fails (sendmail loops with aliases), I comment that lines and sendmail
works fine.

mailx do not work in sending mail (only it reads my mail).but I can to
use mail and sendmail for sending mail.

another problem was the aliases (sendmail do not works with aliases that
has Capital letters)

I am going to check the problems.

Thank you so much to all

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