SUMMARY: restore / reinstall root disk

From: Tze Wong (
Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 - 22:31:21 CDT

Summarised from all the answer I received,
for backup:
Ideal case,
- bring down to single user mode, backup / via ufsdump to tape.
It is ok to, ( from respond, most people do )
- backup / during night time when there is not much users accessing to
the server, just make sure they are not running batch job or you might
not able to have a good backup. This is actually what I was practising
all the while, but I was not sure whether it will work or not. Now I
am clear.

for restore:
- it is ok to retore / from the backup tape. Some of the people who
respond did restoration from tape and have no problem. You can boot
from cdrom to single user mode, mount the root disk /dev/dsk/cxtxdxsx
to /tmp/aa ( example) and restore via ufsrestore, and install boot block

thanks for,
Mike Salehi,Dennis Martens, Chris Marble,Bismark
Espinoza,Colin_Melville,Heidi Burgiel,Ronald Loftin,
Ralph Dell,Mark Hargrave,David Thorburn-Gundlach,Rich

original post:
Can someone help me out with the correct way to backup andrestore
the / filesystem?
1) Do I need to bring the server down to single user mode for the
backup of / ?
2) I am backing up the / by "ufsdump 0f /dev/rmt/0cn /" during
night time in multi user mode, and there is not much users logging
on,but might have some batch job running, if the hard disk crashed,
can I just RESTORE the / back to a new hard disk?
        The server is a Sparc 1000, with SSA, Solaris 2.4, and have CA
Unicenter, Tuxedo5.0, Oracle7.1.6, Vxva, online disk suite,SUNWspro
license tools installed.My experience with re-install the OS took me a
long time tobuild back the environment, since we modified the
/usr/lib, /etc/opt/ and other /etc directories.

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