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Date: Fri Apr 03 1998 - 08:23:56 CST

Hi, I got a lot of response, they are very good, I am attaching all
responses as your reference( more is coming). Thanks for all of you.

The summary is, bind 8 have a lot of new features.
Thanks a gain.
I'd say whoever told you that is backward. BIND 4.x has some problems,
though it's still a good product for use inside a network. BIND 8.x fixes
the "cache pollution" problem that was found in BIND 4.x and exploited by
Kashpureff (spelling?) in his attack against the InterNIC a few months
ago, meant to forward the AlterNIC's cause. Instead, it got him thrown in
jail for a little while. Anyway, BIND 8.x is superior to BIND 4.x, though
it's trickier to set up.


Bind 8.1.1 fixes a lot of security related problems. It also is nice
when you have multiple Bind 8.1.1 servers, as they will communicate with
each other.


I've installed both...
bind 496 is easy to learn and works just fine.

bind 8 has MANY new features and the administration changes a lot.
you may not need the new features like dynamic DNS and stuff.

most sites are just fine with 4.9.6


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Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria, Chile.

There are some things that changed rather drasticly between 4 and 8. If you are concerned about securioty, you really want to be using version8. It will take a little doing, but it will work.

As with most things from Sun, you want to trash the shipped version for the public reference version. Sendmail and named are 2 perfect examples. --Gene


to get an overview over bind8 (including new features) look at

The version that comes with Sol2.6 is named 4.9.4-P1. You should user either 4.9.6 (the latest bind4, no further development) or use bind8. I'm running bind8 on several Sol2.6 machines without any problems.

Hope this helps, dirk.

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